Park Guell History

A short history of Park Guell

One of Gaudi’s best friend and patron, Eusebi Guell commissioned Gaudi to design many buildings.

Their most famous collaboration was the lush ParK Guell, created as the entry and park grounds for an exclusive, gated housing development for 60 private villas.

This housing development wasn’t a successful one, as the park at that time was far from town and only 2 houses of the proposed 60 were ever sold. One of those two houses was Gaudi’s house, the Torre Rosa, built by Francesc Berenguer.

It was in this house where Gaudi lived the last 20 years of his life from 1906 to 1926 and today it houses the Gaudi Museum.

Work at the park commenced in 1900 and lasted until 1914. After this date, Gaudi worked solely on the Sagrada Familia and did not take any other commissions.

The Park Guell became municipal property in 1923.

In 1963 Gaudi’s house was converted into the Gaudi Museum.

In 1984 Park Guell is a UNESCO World Heritage Site along with other Gaudi works.

Park Guell